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FireCore CD R2R Mini Coil
FireCore CD R2R Mini Coil 
FireCore Performance CD R2R Mini Coil

This coil is designed to work specifically with the high output inductive storage ignition
module in the Ready-to-Run distributors. The heavy gauge windings were engineered to
ensure maximum power at higher RPM levels. A molded housing of glass reinforced polyester
and high temperature expoy encapsulation resists shock and vibration while providing
excellent thermal conductivity. Brass primary contacts ensure maximum conductivity, while
the male tower offers superior boot/terminal retention and protecting from arch over.

Primary Resistance: 0.4 Ohms
Secondary Resistance: 5.0K Ohms
Primary Inductance: 6.5mH
Turns Ratio: 65:1
Maximum Voltage: 40 ,000 Volts

Price: $39.95


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