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Chevrolet V8 Mechanical Advance FireCore Distributor
Chevrolet V8 Mechanical Advance FireCore Distributor 
Chevrolet V8 Mechanical Advance FireCore Distributor

These are the most popular distributors for race engines. The small cap and bowl design fits into locations where a larger or bulkier distributor will not. A special extra compact unit is also available for truly cramped and limited space applications.

The CNC machined 6061-T6 aluminum housing has O-ring grooves for use in a fully machined engine block. The centerless ground shaft rides on upper sealed roller bearing with an extra long lower bronze Oil-Lite bushing for smooth operation at high RPM’s and extended service life. The fully adjustable mechanical advance is welded to top of the shaft for easy access and is plated to reduce friction and prevent corrosion for long term durability. A high output magnetic pickup and large paddle wheel reluctor provide a strong trigger single at high RPMs. The HD hardened iron drive gear ensures long service life.

The cap and rotor are molded in high quality 30% glass filler polyester (PBT) that offers both high impact and dielectric strength while resisting carbon tracking. The cap contacts are brass and the rotor spring is stainless steel for long term maximum conductivity. The adjustable collar units offer 1-1/2" of adjustment, perfect for use with Tall deck blocks (not extra tall blocks) or when using modified heads, blocks or intake manifolds. The dual pickup unit is ideal for circle track racing. It has a second redundant magnetic pickup that is exactly 180° apart from the primary so that if you have to switch to the backup ignition system, the engine timing will remain constant. The extra compact cap version is about 3/8” narrower and 1" shorter, which is perfect for use with a tunnel ram or supercharger intake manifold.
 Comes complete with; cap, rotor, wire retainer and mechanical advance curve kit. These distributors require the use of a CD Series ignition control box.

Choose BLACK or RED Cap.

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Price: $170.00


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