Want an exact fit for your application? Just measure your current set and give us the lengths OR send us your set and we will make an exact replica for you.
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How to Measure your Wires
It is very important that whether you are mailing us your wire set to replicate, or are filling out our online Custom Build Form, that you follow either of the 2 methods below.


Entering your lengths via the “Custom Build Form” on CustomWireSets.com
  1. Measure starting from the distributor side of the wire.
  2. Start by measuring from the center of the distributor terminal.
  3. As you go down the length of the wire and get to the spark plug
    boot, there are 2 ways to finish measuring, depending on the type of spark plug boot you have:
    • 90° plug boots:
      • Finish measuring to the center of the terminal
    • 180°/ 135° plug boots:
      •  Finish measuring to the END of the TERMINAL inside the boot     

NOTES: We are not responsible for making incorrect sets based on your measurements

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Mailing us your current ignition wire set
If you are in doubt, send your wire set to us. We will make you an exact fit to the specs of the set you send us. If you want a length different than the set you send, simply attach to the specific lead you want changed; a piece of masking tape, with the written amount you want to add or subtract. (Example: +2 or –2).
Any additional changes, IE: boot changes; please mark on another piece of masking tape and attach to the specific lead you want changed. NOTES: We are not responsible for making incorrect sets based on your changes. Please make & mark your changes as clearly as possible.
You can always call us at 866-973-9473 or email sales@customwiresets.com with any questions.
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