Want an exact fit for your application? Just measure your current set and give us the lengths OR send us your set and we will make an exact replica for you.
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These wire sets are made to fit specific engine and exhaust combinations. With all the various exhaust options out there, one set cannot cover all applications. Therefore we have custon designed Firecore50 wire sets on actual engines, so you know each set will fit, perform and hold up to the demanding conditions of your engine.
These sets are made to fit all factory routings.  The correct style boots are used on both the distributor and spark plug ends.  If you are looking for a stock length wire set, with the benefits of Firecore50's performance, then these are the wires for you!

For those of you that want to route your spark plug wires YOUR WAY, then these are the sets for you.  These are one-of-a-kind wire sets that you design.  You can either give us your lengths and the booting styles you want (put in alink to the page for custom sets), or send us your complete set.    Either way you get the confidence of Firecore50 ignition wire and get a truly CUSTOM FIT wire set for your engine.

For those of you that find it easier, or really enjoy putting some handwork into your spark plug wire set, then these are the sets for you.  The leads come extra long so however you wish to route your wires, you can be assures you will have enough wire to do the job.   We have terminated the spark plug end on the leads and left the distributor end open.  The coil wires come without any boots or terminals on them.  All boots and terminals are included in the kit.  These sets are made with all the same materials as you will find in all of our Firecore50 wire sets. 


No the factory 7mm looms will need to be reamed out very slightly, to accomodate the 8mm wire.

If for any reason you are dissatisfied with your purchase, you have 30 days to contact us. All returns will be handled on a case by case basis.  If a return is processed you must send the original packaging, freight prepaid, within 30 days of the order date.  We do not refund shipping and handling charges and will not pay the shipping back to us. We are not happy until you the customer are happy.

Custom Wire Sets & Performance Products take every measure to manufacture our products to meet the highest quality specifications and standards available. However, from time to time it is possible that a product made may be or become defective in use. If such a situation occurs, Custom Wire Sets & Performance Products will make every attempt within a reasonable request and under our warranty guidelines to make the warranty replacement process as smooth as possible.

Custom Wire Sets & Performance Products warrants solely to the original purchaser and not to any subsequent purchaser, and only as installed on the original vehicle, for which all Custom Wire Sets & Performance Products are to be free from defects in materials and workmanship for a period of 1 year from the date of purchase
when properly installed.

What's the difference between FireCore50 and FireCore250?




Outer Jacket

High heat resistant silicone to 450°

ULTRA high heat/ High Tear resistant silicone to 600°


Fiberglass braiding of 31 pixels per inch, to virtually elininate terminal pull off do to excessive pulling and bending. Helps maintain wire integrity from the heat of the engine.

Fiberglass braided matting is used to increase terminal pull off values 25%. The matting also maintains the integrity of the wire even after the continuious pulling and bending the wires go through from the constant removing and reattaching of the wires after every race

Inner Jacket

A high dielectric strength inner jacket compound is extruded over the 250ohm high energy core. This inner core helps keep the voltage "locked" into the wire.

High heat resistance, added dielectric strength and flexibility are the advantages of the custom engineered inner jacket. The inner jacket helps dissipate the heat of the high voltage Firecore50 ultra low resistance core. With the inner core helping to dissipate heat and staying flexible, the core itself retains its capacitance, voltage and flexibility properties. These properties are what make the Firecore50 ignition wire last longer and stand up to extended race use.

Outer Core

100 % Stainless steel wrap. Carries 90% of voltage to the spark plugs

Copper/nickel alloy wire wrap surrounds the inner core. This low resistance metalic composition wire carries 90° of the voltage to the spark plugs. There is over 3ft of copper/nickel wire wrap per 1 INCH of core.

Inner Core

Layers of carbon latex used to absorb RFI

Ferrite metallic composite, and carbon molecular compound are blended and layered over the center core to absorb all RFI emmissions from the copper/nickel wrap.

Center Core

Aramid Fibers are used to give the strength to the overall core's durability

Aramid fibers are used to give the strength to the overall core's durability.

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