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"Firecore50 are hands down the best plug wires available. Rich hooked me up with a set of Firecore wires over the winter. I run a Pro Modified Mud racer. 436ci SBC with 15 degree heads, sheelmetal intake, (2) 1250 dominators and (2) NOS Pro Race fogger systems. Anyone that runs heavy nitrous successfully knows how important spark plug reading is. The spark plugs are the most valuable tuning tool you have with a nitrous engine. What I have noticed most after switching to Firecore50 wires is how much more consistent my timing mark and plug reading is. Before, the timing mark varied from cylinder to cylinder, now they are right on the money. So far this season the "Unpredictable Pro Mudd" race team has (4) 1st place finishes, (2) 2nd place finishes, and (1) 4th place (transmission problem) and is currently in first place in the Pro Modified division MRA National Points Championship Series. Thanks Firecore50 for an awesome product and second to none customer service."

Randy Roberts
Unpredictable Pro Mudd Racing
Richton Ms.

"Wires fit great, positive snap onto the plug is great. I used dielectric grease during assembly. I also like how the boot seals around the valve cover so well.

The fit and finish of these Firecore50 wires is better than any other brand of wires I have installed. The positive snap onto the plug with a good seal at the valve cover is hard to do on a 426 Hemi, but these wires do it! That's not all they also provide the voltage to the plug that this 500 cube, blown and injected Hemi needs."

Thanks, Forest

"Custom Wire Sets assembles a great set of plug wires. I had a FireCore50 Custom et made for my Big Block Chevy. They perform great, fit great and look great. They are competitively priced and will be the brand that I will continue to purchase in the future. Great for racing or show cars. I noticed that logo labeling on the wires is rotated and facing the same direction on all of them which shows their attention to detail!"
Thanks Custom Wire Sets,
Brandon Anderson
Woodhaven, MI
"I just got a FireCore50 set for my 542ci hemi in my GTX. When they arrived I was impressed with the construction of the wire and the one piece hemi ends that go into the valve cover. They also came with each wire marked with cylinder identification numbers electrical grease and a cool little plastic applicator. After installation the engine fired much easier than before and seemed to rev much smoother. The next thing I noticed that confirmed to me how well these things were working is that my a/f gauge that was normally at 10.8 on the highway was now at 11.3 these babies were definitely working. The other thing I noticed is that I could not use my radio am/8-track previously with out a bunch of engine noise coming out of the speakers. Now the radio works fine without a hint of engine noise wow! I am not an engineer but I can tell you that these wires made a hell of a difference on my car and I would recommend them to anyone who needs a set, I would bet you won't be disappointed."

1968 Plymouth GTX 542/4spd Dana w/354
"Your wires are a great fit, lay down, like they should, and are of a great quality!"
Chuck Leeper
CODY Motorsports, Lawrenceville, GA.
"I replaced the old Chrysler repro wires on my SuperBee with the FireCore50's at the track and never looked back".

"All I have to say is your wires are the best. I always had a slight hesitation when you would slowly step on the gas. I changed the plugs and wires, nothing. I put your wires on and no more hesitation, gone. I tell everybody about your wires. I just can't believe it was the wires.

I tried MSD and Taylor, yours did the trick. You've got me sold."

Fred B

"I tried the wires today 9/26/09 at the Fords at the Summit Norwalk,Oh. I have been having issues with the motor breaking up at high r's for about 3 weeks now. Changing timing checking valve lash checking plugs no consistent span of passes. It broke up on Saturday sporadic sometimes in 1st,2nd, or 3rd no rhyme or reason just quick shift and hope for the best but it ran 9.75 three rds in a row and broke up on the 4th. Set timing back a degree and tried my time trial broke up bad ran 9.80 on Sunday. Put a set of the FireCore50 wires on and they did what they told me they would do. Started it up and it idled allot smoother, dialed 9.75 and ran 9.69 and left off at 1200 ft. lost but rpms ran right up in all three gears without a doubt what i needed. Thanks for being there good luck".

Bob Varga Silver Mustang
"Best wires I've ever bought"
John Scime
"I bought competitors custom set of spark plusg. The fit and feel of the boots on the plugs and coils were terrible. After breaking my watch in the cramped space I new I had to do something different. I got lucky when I settled in on trying a set of FireCore 50's. These are the last brand of plug wires I will ever use on a FAST car! Unfortunately I had an oiling But still ran a 9.03@155 with a #3825 race weight."

Raymond Litz
2002 Trans Am
"The more ignition box you run, the bigger the improvement I've found on my customers street cars...ie 6A to a 7 AL3. On a 770 hp big block it was worth 5 hp and 7 ft lbs going from yellow Taylor wire with 10.000-15.000 ohm per length to a 50 ohm Holley or MSD...
The dyno testing I did was done with Holley 50 ohm wires when they first came out... Any time you can increase the efficiency of the spark to the plug you will see an improvement...
Every time I've changed a customer over to a 50 ohm wire they have commented that it's even sounds crisper at idle... EGT's don't lie, you can see the improvement"
Rob R
"These wires flat out work. I had a brand new set of Moroso wires on my race car...I've been a Moroso user for many years. I decided to try the FireCore Wires...immediate difference in how the car idled, and how much smoother it runs. Plus I eliminated a very slight popping I had on the top end. They fit perfect, the wire markers are a nice touch. "

You can't go wrong with these wires Nautilus Racing

"We used your wires when dyno testing this 505 motor for Mopar Muscle Magazine. The motor made about 740 hp and everything fit perfectly."

Andy F
"FireCore50's are a great working, quality, American made wire that helps out the engine compartment as well. I have 2 sets, and they did wonders for my stock 340 Swinger, and helped with starting problems with the Road Runner. I don't know about the high-tech stuff, I just know they worked, period. Thanks Rick, nice meeting you at the Nat's, also. It's been almost a year, and the wires work flawlessly."

"I have the wires on my 383 race car. They are without any doubt the best set of wires I've used."

"I was a little skeptical about the performance claims when I first got my set of FireCore50 wires. However, now I'm totally sold on them. The responsiveness and consistency of the car has dramatically improved since they were installed. I must say their customer service is second to none. I would highly recommend these wires to anybody."

Greg Johnson
"Thanks for a great set of wires! They fit perfect and look great! My data logs look perfect!"

Ron Rhodes-Heads Up
"Your FireCore Mechanical 440 Distributor dropped right in my engine and I did not have to do any grinding on my Indy 440-EZ heads. Just wanted to say thanks for the great parts that you make for Mopars."
Thanks Bobby Miller
"Thought I'd drop you a line about the wire set I purchased at Carlisle. What a difference., I swear, the Ramcharger idles smoother, better acceleration and probably better fuel mileage I even passed my emissions test today, and can't help think that the FireCore50 wires had something to do with it...Thanks again, for a outstanding product! They look great, the fit was great. For once, I finally have gotten a product that is as advertised. Great look, great value, great performance... .Thanks again...."
Curt and Suzanne Hildebrandt

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